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Sireet OEP finally unveils its New Tea Products

Tea seedlings at Tea Nursery

seedlings Tea seedlings are raised from tea cuttings obtained from mature tea bushes. the cuttings are planted in polythene tubings and covered with a polythene sheet until when the cuttings are grown to about 6 inches. the seedlings are planted out in he field from when they attain a 12 inch height.

A newly planted tea field

new The farm has to be well prepared before planting. The tea to be planted must then be spaced at 4 feet wide and 2 feet long

A tea field 2 years after planting

A-tea-field-2-years-after-planting Tea can be placked one and half years after planting. A tea field is considered to be fully mature 5 years after planting.

Fresh Tea Shoots ready for picking

Fresh-Tea-Shoots-ready-for-picking Only fresh tea shoots consisting of two leaves and one needle-like structure called a bud is placked for processing into made tea. this area of the tea leaf is what contains most of the qualities that are desired in tea.

A pruned tea field

prooned Tea is normally pruned to maintain the height at the level where plucking can be done comfortably. It is also pruned when its no longer producing adequate yields. Tea is pruned every 4 years.